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natha0524's cover of Its On Chords

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Oct 11, '10 at 17:47
aww love this song and the movie! please let me know what u think ♥ thanks! : )

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Oct 19, '10 at 12:22
good job :)
but i think it will be more fun if you do it with ur friends.. :D
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Oct 31, '10 at 18:56
NO NO NO NO!!!! You are way to flat! It does not sound right. My 7 year old sister could do better!!! Don't take it personal, but it is the truth! Something about you and the song don't go together! I more thing I could see you being a hip hop singer, I don't know why! Okay job. Was not the best!
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Jan 6, '11 at 13:32
I see you are working hard with songs. I'd saw you other performances (crazier& catch me). I think you sound almost OK. But of course you can do better. :)

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