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Sep 9, '08 at 16:18
A lovely trio singing this song ...

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Mar 11, '09 at 21:28
This is good, thanks for sharing it here!

You've got a nice balance between the guitar and voices, nobody is ever "drowned out". Hope to hear more from you.
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May 26, '09 at 09:15
I really love this song and you two sang very well. I also like the guitar sound but some parts you missed it so it made the song sound abit strange. However thank you so much for the performance.
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Jul 18, '09 at 02:16
;o i love the guy who's doing Jason Mraz's parts :) i love ur voice.
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Jan 6, '11 at 13:22
Really nice !! I love your performance. You all can make a really good group..
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Jan 10, '11 at 04:10
I thought that it is very good.
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Apr 25, '12 at 14:03
Good job, get that Timing fixed and it will be great.

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