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Welcome to! is a guitar chords and tabs search engine and our current index offers you more than 240'000 songs from more than 15'000 21'000 (!) different artists. Here you can find anything from the slowest ballades' chords to insane amounts of rock and metal guitar tabs. We are really doing our best to give you the best possible experience, so we added a huge number of functions to the website.

You are able to transpose the chords for almost every song (this makes it easier for you to sing along), you can use the auto-scroller to scroll the lyrics while you are playing, you can check the diagrams for the difficult chords, you can comment on every song and you can rate songs as well. But we're not nearly finished here.

This website is not only a guitar chords archive - it was intended as a place where guitarists can hang out and show their talent and skills. So you are able to post videos on the website and all of the fellow guitarists will have the opportunity to comment on your performance and rate it.

We think that now is probably the time you take a look around the website, try out all the stuff we have prepared for you and - simply - enjoy. Team

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We are very excited to finally reveal the project we've all been working on for many many months now.

The guitar chords finder has been officially released to "public version" on May 25th 2008. is a guitar chords and tabs search engine and does not host any of the files.

Owner of the website can not be held responsible in any way for any data, submitted by users of the website. Team is allowed to remove any of the comments or video and audio performances they deem inappropriate or even offending. Users with too many inappropriate posts and other actions can be temporarily or even permantently banned from using this website.

We wish you all a great time, Team is a guitar chords search engine and does not host any of the files.