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Vader is a death metal band from Olsztyn, Poland founded in 1986.[1] They stand as one of the best-known European death metal bands utilizing a style of death metal different from that of their American counterparts, but their approach is firmly based upon the template created by Morbid Angel. For example, many bands of this genre tend to play guitar solos and lead parts which do not adhere strictly to traditional musical principles (such as being in key) and make extensive use of tremolo bar, creating a rather dissonant sound. Vader, on the other hand, whilst often playing in this style, occasionally diverge and play diminished, augmented, and minor scale solos. The band is also different in that vocalist Piotr Wiwczarek's vocals do not follow the standard sound widely considered acceptable for death metal. While his vocal delivery remains extreme, it is a much throatier approach, giving him the ability to enunciate words more clearly than most death metal vocalists.

According to interviews, the band's name was inspired by Darth Vader, the lead villain from the Star Wars film series.[2]

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