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The Undertones are a punk rock/power pop band formed in Derry, Northern Ireland in 1975.

The original line-up released four studio albums — The Undertones (1979), Hypnotised (1980), Positive Touch (1981) and The Sin of Pride (1983) — before disbanding in 1983.[1] All Music Guide stated that guitarists John and Damian O'Neill "mated infectious guitar hooks to '60s garage, '70s glam rock, and Feargal Sharkey's signature vocal quaver."[1] stated that "When they began, they were a bunch of teenage Ramones-heads, and the only punk band in Ireland."[2]

Sharkey pursued a solo career that achieved commercial success in the mid to late 1980s, and two of the other band members (John and Damian O'Neill) formed That Petrol Emotion.[3][4] The Undertones reformed in 2003 with Paul McLoone taking over for Sharkey and released the critically acclaimed album Get What You Need.[5]

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