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Unanimated are a Swedish melodic death metal band. They were founded in 1989 in Stockholm and dissolved in 1996. Largely inspired by Dismember, they created two melodic death metal albums. In 1993 "In the Forest of the Dreaming Dead" was released on Pavement Records, a label which has since merged with Crash Music Inc.. In 1995 "Ancient God of Evil" was released on No Fashion Records, an independent Swedish label. The band also contributed to the 1996 Slayer tribute "Slaytanic Slaughter II" with their cover of "Dead Skin Mask." Their music exemplifies the melodic Swedish sound and though primarily death metal, a black metal influence stands out. Former members have gone on to contribute to various other projects, most notably Therion, Entombed and Dismember. In 2007, they reformed.

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