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Number One Gun was, and is now again, a Christian Rock band from Chico, California, that was most recently signed to Tooth & Nail Records. They self-released their debut EP Forever in 2002, before releasing their follow-up albums Celebrate Mistakes (2003) on Floodgate Records and Promises for the Imperfect (2005) on Tooth & Nail Records.

In 2006, members of Number One Gun decided to move on to different projects despite their growing success. A MySpace bulletin cleared up the state of the band, stating that Schneeweis created a new band called The North Pole Project, Keene and Mallory formed Surrogate, and that Sellers moved on to play bass in the band Armed for Apocalypse.

In early 2007, The North Pole Project changed its name to Number One Gun, making it the current manifestation of Jeff's solo project.

The new Number One Gun album, The North Pole Project, was released January 15th, 2008, on Tooth and Nail Records. The first song from the new album, Million, was released on PureVolume on September 17th, 2007. Number One Gun is touring as a band from January 15th to 30th 2007 after the release of the new album.

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