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Nikka Costa (born Domenica Costa, June 4, 1972 in Tokyo, Japan), is an American singer whose music combines elements of funk, soul, and blues.

Nikka Costa recorded her first single 45rpm record in Italy in 1981 with the song "(Out Here) On My Own" (from the musical Fame), which rose to #1 on European charts in September of that year and stayed on the top spots for several weeks.

Audiences in the United States had not yet been exposed to her until her song "Like A Feather" was featured in a Tommy Hilfiger television advertising campaign. That exposure coupled with the track's music video helped launch her U.S. music career. The album Everybody Got Their Something managed to garner another radio hit with the title track.

In 2006 Nikka and her husband Justin recorded and performed the theme to the short-lived CBS sitcom "Courting Alex", which starred Jenna Elfman.

Costa is currently signed with EMI Records.[1]

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