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Lisa Miskovsky (born March 9, 1975 in Obbola in Holmsund near UmeƄ) is a Swedish musician.

Lisa Miskovsky quickly placed herself on the Swedish rock music charts with her debut album Lisa Miskovsky and single "Driving one of your cars" with Swedish releases in 2001. Following this release, she received two Swedish Rock Bear awards; one for Best Swedish Newcomer, and the other for Best Swedish Female Artist of the Year. She followed up her musical success with the album Fallingwater, released in 2003, which quickly climbed to number one in the Swedish pop charts, even reaching platinum sales. The album's success came greatly from two of its songs "Lady Stardust" and "Sing To Me" which both became hits. "Lady Stardust" was also a radio hit in countries like Germany and the United Kingdom.

Some of her music was produced by Joakim Berg, also known as a songwriter for the Swedish rock band Kent, and Simon Nordberg.

Miskovsky is a songwriter as well as a singer and musician, and wrote the lyrics to "Shape of My Heart", performed by Backstreet Boys.

Miskovsky contributed vocals to the track "Dead End" on Come Clarity, the 2006 release from Swedish melodic death metal outfit In Flames. However, she does not actually appear in the band's special edition DVD included in Come Clarity. Instead, her part is lipsync'd by one of In Flames' roadies, who happens to be a heavy-set male.

Besides the music, Miskovsky enjoys snowboarding, to the point of participating in the Swedish national snowboard team, and she's also known to be fond of ice hockey and surfing.

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