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Kevin Devine is an American songwriter and musician from Brooklyn, New York, who is known for alternately introspective and political lyrics and melodic acoustic guitar tunes. He cites his influences as Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith, Guns N' Roses, Brother Paramo and Nirvana, among others. He grew up in Brooklyn and Staten Island, and has spent significant time in Manhattan and Queens as well. Devine graduated Fordham University at Lincoln Center in 2001, majoring in journalism. He also played in an indie/punk/emo band called Miracle of 86 after the (Miracle) New York Mets. Even before that, he played with a popular band in the local Staten Island scene called Delusion. At Fordham he was able to hone his acoustic solo skills by playing at various open-mic and college events which made him very popular among the student body.

During this time he also appeared in regular stints at the Wetlands Preserve. Although still relatively unknown, Devine gained some popularity with his 2003 album, Make the Clocks Move. Newer songs reflect Devine's political views and the recent death of his father to a stroke. He has recorded records for Immigrant Sun Records and Triple Crown Records and has worked with Brooklyn based producer Mike Skinner, who is also credited as the drummer on his solo records as well as the drummer for Miracle of 86. He recently signed with Capitol Records, and they released his fourth album, Put Your Ghost to Rest, on October 17, 2006. Only four months after his major label debut, Devine was dropped from Capitol Records due to EMI merging Virgin and Capitol Records.

Devine was able to gather a strong fan base as a result of his exposure through touring with Brand New. First appearing as their opening act in their 2004 spring tour, Devine made a small splash among their fan base. However, opening for them again in April 2006, and joining their 2007 Spring tour with Manchester Orchestra, Kevin's following was multiplying by the day. (Kevin also opened for Brand New as a surprise act at the Triple Crown Records 10th Anniversary Concert.)

In May 2007, Brooklyn-based label Academy Fight Song released Put Your Ghost to Rest as a double-LP on colored vinyl, including three previously unreleased b-sides. These b-sides include 'Harvest Moon' by Neil Young, 'Holland, 1945' by Neutral Milk Hotel, and Devine's own 'Wolf's Mouth.' The double-LP is on limited edition solid white/solid orange vinyl limited to an initial pressing of 500 units.

Devine's late 2007 touring schedule includes a tour with close friend Jesse Lacey (of Brand New) and Grace Read at the end of July through early August, followed by a short trip to London, a spot on the Austin City Limits Festival, and a tour with Chin Up Chin Up throughout Germany. Through October 2007 he has been touring with Andy Hull from Manchester Orchestra and Owen. He has plans for shows with Ace Enders, formerly of The Early November and I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business.

Kevin has posted a few blogs on his MySpace page detailing his plans for 2008. He plans to re-release his last album Put Your Ghost to Rest on Procrastinate! Music Traitors Records, due to it being increasingly difficult to find in retail locations. It is to be followed by a new record expected to be released in late 2008. A series of new demos have been featured on his MySpace page, with a new demo being featured about every 1 to 2 weeks. Kevin has been touring through most of the first half of 2008, including new songs throughout sets.

He played a series of shows for the re-release of "Put Your Ghost To Rest" with Brian Bonz, Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra and Jesse Lacey of Brand New which was re-released on April 20, 2008 by Procrastinate! Music Traitors. After a few days off, Kevin will continue touring throughout May 2008 in Europe with support from Jenny Owen Youngs and Tournaments. Devine will also be doing a short U.S. tour with Jesse Lacey in July 2008.

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