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Kaddisfly latest album entitled Set Sail the Prairie was released on March 6, 2007. This album is unique in that it features 14 tracks, 12 of which are assigned to a specific month (all titled in various foreign languages) of the year, and two that are named after the solstices found on the Gregorian Calendar, summer and winter. It was originally scheduled to come out September 2006, but due to circumstances out of their control the date was pushed back. To temporarily satisfy the disappointed fans who were patiently awaiting the album's release, the band released an EP sampler called 'The Four Seasons EP' on October 24, 2006. The EP includes one song from each season of 'Set Sail The Prairie', as well as a B-side entitled 'Games' which is a commentary on the current state of music. Currently, new songs from the upcoming releases are hosted on the band's MySpace and Purevolume pages.

A new fan site is currently being produced under the name 'Crimson Solitude' [1], a song off of their album Buy Our Intention; We'll Buy You a Unicorn. Although the site is not finished, the forum is very active. The previous message board was hosted at fellow Hopeless Records band Ever We Fall's website, a band whom they played many shows with during their formative stage. Another band named Dualesc whom Kaddisfly has performed many shows with, featured a guest appearance from vocalist Chris Ruff on a song featured on one of their CDs. Kaddisfly has also been mentioned in the magazine Alternative Press.[1]

Kaddisfly is known for creating cover art that acts as a graphical representation of their intelligent and complex lyrical content. The tag line of '', thought up by Kile Brewer, appeared with the release of 'Humania', a four track EP released in 2002, and has stuck with the band since. The presence of open-ended material has also been a prevalent theme throughout the band's history. Following this, a theme of poignancy and strength among the human experience was reflected in their third official release, 'Did You Know People Can Fly?' Currently, their live set consists heavily of content from 'Set Sail the Prairie', and such live performances can be found scattered on YouTube. Tracks from 'Buy Our Intention; We'll Buy You a Unicorn' and unknown tracks, which are thought to be from their upcoming album, 'Horses Galloping on Sailboats' are also performed.

In 2007, due to several urges from an ongrowing fanbase, the band repressed Did You Know People Can Fly? for those people who missed out during 2003-2005, when copies of the album were available for purchase. It went on sale December 18, but preorders started before that date. There were a limited amount pressed, and it is said to be the last pressing of the album in its original form.

The band took a short break in December of 2007 when drummer Beau Kuther popped his ear drum and required surgery. Members spent the short hiatus practicing and working menial jobs. In early 2008 they returned to their touring schedule, but they are stopping the end of May to begin working on new music.

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