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The history of Justifide began at home with the brokenness of distressed family relations, and that eventually led to experimentations with alcohol and other drugs. While they were only in their teens, the Moncivaiz brothers lived in a house that was stressed to the breaking point, with the parents separated. This started to spiral downward, and would have ended up much worse. Fortunately, convinced of the family's need for God, the Moncivaiz father became born again. This changed lives of those in the family. Music was a natural outlet for the family, as both brothers started learning instruments as a young age.

Justifide started with Ian Metzger as the vocalist, Jason Moncivaiz on drums, Sambo Moncivaiz on the bass, Joey Avalos playing the guitar. Their songs are not of overly depressive nor over-joyous tone. In the words of singer Jason Moncivaiz:

"We try to touch on all of the human experience. Life and death,

love and loss. We don't just experience the emotion of joy. There's

a lot of other stuff going on in us, too. So not all of our songs are

coming from a 'happy' place. And not all of our songs are going to

be depressing and sad, we're trying to write about all of life, all

of the things we're feeling."

After about a year of touring and recording their first indie EP, Life Outside the Toybox, Ian Metzger left the band. Jason started singing as well as playing the drums. They toured a bit as a three piece band, but eventually started hiring drummers to free up Jason for vocals. Some of the drummers they worked with were Jaren Johnston of Bang Bang Bang and Jeff Irizarry of Dear Ephesus

After years of touring and switching drummers and guitarists, the band finally acquired a permanent drummer and became Reform the Resistance.

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