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Justin Mauriello started I Hate Kate in 2004, while still in Zebrahead, as a creative outlet for material that he wasn't able to display in Zebrahead.

Playing with other musicians is like being in a relationship and being able to have sex with other people. It's brilliant ... and in music ... it's a-ok. Anywho ... I was playing with the Kates, one thing lead to another and after sometime, this band became my full time love.

The name I Hate Kate came to be through a friend of the band The Grease.

The Greasafile had a girlfriend named Kate who was the devil. She was Satan. An absolute bitch and a ho. One day Justin said.."Man I hate Kate" ... next thing you know ...

Speaking of his fellow band members, Justin says

Scott is an amazing bass player and a great friend. He has the heart of gold and a work ethic that can rival that of Donald Trump. His girlfriend has pretty eyes. Jeremy eats a lot.

The first songs that were available for listening on their website were "Bed of Black Roses"', "Always Something" and "Out of My Head". Over time, more songs became available for download from the band's website, or through the band's MySpace page. The band released its first EP in 2006 titled Act One, featuring a number of songs that had been previously released on their website.

The band has also announced they will be releasing their Glassnote Records debut, titled Embrace the Curse, on 24 June 2008.

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