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Big Dumb Face is a band formed by Wes Borland shortly before he left the band Limp Bizkit. The style hails to old Frank Zappa singles and humorous vocals. The band has cited Ween as their primary influence. Some of their singles include Kali is the Sweethog and Blood Red Head on Fire, and their only Modern Rock Top 40 hit Rebel. Wes Borland set the project to the side once he quit Limp Bizkit in 2001 to start up progressive metal outfit Eat the Day, but once Eat the Day fell through and Wes briefly rejoined Limp Bizkit in late 2004, Borland recorded and wrote a new Big Dumb Face thrash/death metal song called "Darkness Becomes", which was at the time available to Borland's "" website, but now is available on the Big Dumb Face website.

Big Dumb Face's primary musical style was humorous, but was also very diverse. The tracks on the album range from death/thrash metal (Burgalveist, Blood Red Head on Fire) to new wave (It's Right in Here, Kali Is the Sweethog), to speed country (Duke Lion). The album itself had many musical ideas loaded into each song, with keyboards, drum machine, live drums, guitars run through synths, bass guitar, and small trip hop beats thrown into songs.

Big Dumb Face originated Wes Borland from wanting a project to use guitar riffs he wanted to use in Limp Bizkit that the rest of the band did not want to use, as well as from his fascination with the band Ween. Borland worked on the CD in late 2000, released it in early 2001, and toured for BDF in early to mid 2001.

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