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The song "Afterworld" (featuring Davey Havok of AFI) was uploaded to the band's MySpace profile on February 28, 2007. The full album leaked on BitTorrent networks on May 7, 2007.

The first single, "Forever Fades Away," was released on iTunes on May 7, 2007.[2] "Pain" was released as the second single in February 2008.[3]

The Japanese/Australian releases include a bonus track called "Lovespell,"[4][5] an English language version of "Hechizo de Amor." A remix of "Where the Moss Slowly Grows" by Jade Puget of AFI is available as a bonus track with the purchase of the album on iTunes.[2]

The song "Hotprowl" can be heard on the XM radio station Fungus 53.

The song "Where the Moss Slowly Grows" is dedicated to a friend of frontman Nick 13's who committed suicide the previous summer.[citation needed]

When ripping the CD using iTunes, the title is erroneously displayed as "Music from Regiona Beyond".

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