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Dustin Michael Kensrue (KENZ-roo) (born November 18, 1980) is a vocalist, lyricist, and rhythm guitarist in the Orange County, California post-hardcore quartet Thrice, as well as a solo artist.

Although Thrice as a band does not consider itself a Christian band, Kensrue himself is a Christian. Some of his lyrics are inspired by Christian morals and their place in society today, with Kensrue drawing much of his lyrical inspiration from various literary sources including his favorite author C.S. Lewis, who penned the well-known Chronicles of Narnia books and many books on a variety of subjects, both fiction and non. He has a tattoo on his left wrist which is a passage from the Bible written in Hebrew.

Dustin designed the album artwork for both parts of The Alchemy Index - Thrice's fifth studio recording.

Dustin also added vocals in the song 'The contender' on the album 'Pierce the empire with a sound' by experimental act The Out_circuit.

His younger brother plays guitar and piano for the band Eye Alaska.

Dustin is married and on December 7, 2006, he and his wife had their first child, Sailor Ardith Kensrue.

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