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Dreadnaut is a Canadian heavy metal group.

Dreadnaut was formed in 2003 in Thompson Manitoba and soon moved to the nearest urban center of Winnipeg, Manitoba, where they made their live debut at the The Zoo Cabaret. By the summer of 2004, the band had released a debut self titled six song E.P. that was voted Top 3 local albums of the year in the Best of Winnipeg edition of weekly entertainment magazine The Uptown.

The band performed a series of sold out shows in Central Canada on high profile bills such as Junofest in 2005, and headlining the Manitoba Rocks outdoor festival organized by modern rock radio station Freq 107. In 2005 Dreadnaut released their first full-length album titled A New Design, The regional success of A New Design enlarged the band's fan base and led to higher exposure concerts venues such as 700+ concert theaters and the out door music festival perplexapalooza.

Dreadnaut sold over 1000 copies of the EP, and 2000 copies of their debut album without official distribution. The band has enjoyed increasing popularity online with over 112,100 plays to date and a growing number of 200+ plays each day on their public forum. Dreadnaut has garnered fans and enquiries from promoters and industry from Europe, Asia and the United States. They update their fans with weekly blogs, pictures and videos.

Dreadnaut, Live in 2007

Dreadnaut has joined forces with award winning producer Brandon Friesen to create their sophomore full length album, A Taste of What's to Come. They have teamed up with Canada's leading Metal/Hard Core distributor PHD Distribution Canada to market and release the album nationwide. The album and ringtones will be released and marketed digitally worldwide.

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