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Down may refer to:

Relative direction, where down is the opposite of up
Railroad directions, where down and up have locally significant meanings
Down feather, a soft bird feather frequently used in manufacture of bedding.
Downland, a type of hill
Down syndrome, a genetic disorder
Down (American football), in American/Canadian football, a period of time where one play takes place
County Down, a county within Northern Ireland
Down (Northern Ireland Parliament constituency)
Down (UK Parliament constituency)
Down (game theory), a standard position in mathematical game theory
Down (film), an English remake of the film De Lift, about an express elevator that develops a mind of its own
Down (comics), a comic book published by Top Cow Productions
Down (novel), a Bernice Summerfield novel by Lawrence Miles
Down payment, a term used in the context of the purchase of items
Down quark, an elementary constituent of matter

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