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Before Their Eyes is a Christian post-hardcore band from Findlay, Ohio, USA. They are currently signed to Rise Records. All members of the band are Christian[1], and their religion has influenced their music and lyrics. The name Before Their Eyes is taken from Romans 3:18 of the New Testament ("There is no fear of God before their eyes").[2] Before Their Eyes are currently touring across the USA in the Artery Foundation "Across The Nation" tour with A Skylit Drive and Four Letter Lie. They will also be playing alongside other bands including Memphis May Fire, Blinded Black, Dance Gavin Dance, Oh, Sleeper and The Hottness. In a blog posted on their mySpace on February 25, 2008, the band revealed that they are to start writing their next album on April 22. The band has postponed recording their new album entitled The Dawn of My Death to head out on the "Scream The Prayer Tour" this year with Here I Come Falling, AGRACEFUL, AKissForJersey, Blessed by a Broken Heart and Impending Doom.[3]

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