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January 9 - David Bowie performs his 50th Birthday Bash concert (the day after his birthday) at Madison Square Garden, New York City, USA with guests Frank Black, The Foo Fighters, Sonic Youth, Robert Smith of The Cure, Lou Reed, and Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins, with the opening act Placebo. Proceeds from the concert went to the Save the Children fund.[1]
January 10 - James Brown receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, USA.[2]
January 19 - Madonna wins Best Actress In A Motion Picture, Musical Or Comedy, for her part in Evita, at the 54th annual Golden Globe Awards in the USA.[3]
January 28 - The Virginia Senate votes to retire "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny" as the official state song, and begins looking for a replacement.
February 2 - Rich Mullins' musical The Canticle of the Plains premieres in Wichita, Kansas.
February 10 - 52 year old Brian Connolly of Sweet dies of kidney failure in England.[citation needed]
February 12 - David Bowie receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, USA.[citation needed]
February 13 - Michael Jackson's first son is born.
February 20 - Ben and Jerry's introduce Phish Food, a new flavor of ice cream named after the rock group Phish. The ingredients are chocolate ice cream, marshmallows, caramel and fish-shaped fudge.[4]
Pianist David Helfgott performs at the Boston Symphony Hall, in Boston, USA, during his world tour. The Boston Globe describes his performance as "without phrasing, form, harmonic understanding, differentiation of style and often basic accuracy; worst of all, it was without emotional content."[citation needed]
March 1

The rock band Phish records Slip Stitch and Pass live at Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany.[citation needed]
Northern Ireland band, Ash, release the single "Barbie".

March 3 - U2 release the opinion-dividing[citation needed] Pop album. Along with the Oasis album Be Here Now, it becomes a major release that fails to sell to industry expectations, particularly in the US, despite many strong initial reviews.[citation needed]
March 9 - The Notorious B.I.G. is shot dead while sitting in the passenger seat of a car after a Soul Train Awards party in the USA.[citation needed]
March 11 - Paul McCartney is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.[citation needed]
March 17 - Whirlwind Heat play their first show.
March 19-March 20 - The reunited Monkees perform two sold out concerts at Wembley Arena in London, UK.[citation needed]
April 2 - Joni Mitchell is reunited with her daughter, Kilauren Gibb, whom she gave up for adoption 32 years ago.[citation needed]
25–27 April - The first Terrastock festival is held in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
5ive's musical career begins after auditions are held in London, UK to find potential band members, with over 3,000 hopefuls showing up to audition.[citation needed]
May 26 - Radiohead fire warning shot from upcoming album OK Computer with Paranoid Android. Marks a significant change in musical direction, with four distinct segments and no real structure, gaining it comparisons to Queen's classic Bohemian Rhapsody.
April 16 - Radiohead release OK Computer to huge critical acclaim. Now recognised as a classic album.
August 3 - The Black Crowes perform their last show with Johnny Colt and Marc Ford.[citation needed]
August 4 - Nigerian afrobeat pioneer and dissident pop star[citation needed] Fela Anikulapo-Kuti dies in Lagos, Nigeria, of HIV-related illness.[citation needed]
August 7 - Garth Brooks performs to an estimated 800,000 to one million people during a free concert given in Central Park, New York City, USA.[citation needed]
August 16-17 - Phish perform at the two day music festival, The Great Went, at Loring Air Force Base in Limestone, Maine, USA. They play 500 minutes of music, six sets and two encores.[citation needed] There was an estimated attendance of between 65,000-70,000 and it was the top grossing concert of the season making over $4,000,000 in box office receipts.{{Fact|date=April 200
August 21 Oasis' third album, Be Here Now, was released. It became the fastest selling album of all time, moving 695,761 copies in the first week.[citation needed]
August 25 - Radiohead's second single from OK Computer, Karma Police released, although does not get released in the US until June 1998.
September 6 - Elton John performs "Candle in the Wind" at the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales; John Tavener's "Song for Athene"' is performed at the same ceremony.
September 17 - The KLF return for 23 minutes with their performance of "Fuck the Millennium".[citation needed]
September 19 - While on his way to a benefit concert in Kansas, USA, Rich Mullins loses control of his Jeep, flipping the automobile and throwing both Mullins and passenger Mitch McVicker out onto the road. A tractor-trailer approaching the scene swerves to miss McVicker, striking and killing Mullins instantly. McVicker survives, but suffered major injuries.[citation needed]
September 23 - Bjork releases Homogenic, moving towards a darker sound and away from her "Pixie" image.
October 13 - The "Prince Igor" single, jointly performed by The Rhapsody, Warren G and Sissel Kyrkjebø was released.
November 4- Shania Twain releases her 1997 breakthrough album Come on Over which sells 39 million copies worldwide and was to become the biggest selling album in country music history and the biggest selling by a female music artist.[citation needed]
December 31 - The Home of Country Music, the Opryland USA theme park, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA closes and is subsequently demolished.[citation needed]
Nigel Kennedy, now calling himself simply Kennedy, returns to performing in public after a five year absence resulting from neck surgery.[citation needed]
The reunited Fleetwood Mac release The Dance and begin a concert tour in the United States.
The companies Memorex, Maxell, and TDK introduce blank recordable CDs.[citation needed]
Rob Gommerman leaves Finger Eleven due to extensive touring.[citation needed]
Derrick Green replaces Max Cavalera in Sepultura.[citation needed]

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