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Goin Back
Artist: Dusty Springfield
Song: Goin' back
Tabbed by: DJ
3rd Mar 2015

CAPO: 2nd fret (Sounds in key of A)

Fingerpick chords

Chord names and fret positions are relative to the capo:
Gadd9   = 3x020x    Bm  = x24432    C4/G   = 333010
Gsus7   = 3x301x    Bm7 = x24232    Bb     = x13331
Cadd9/G = 33203x    C/D = xx0010    Ebmaj7 = xx1333
Em      = 022000    G   = 320003    Dm7    = xx0122
Em7     = 022030    C/G = 332010    G4     = 320013


|  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |

[Verse 1]
  Gadd9                        Gsus7             Cadd9/G    Gadd9
I think I'm goin' back to the things I learnt so well in my youth,
  Gadd9                        Gsus7          Cadd9/G          Gadd9
I think I'm returning to those days when I was young enough to know the truth!

[Verse 2]
          Em             Em7           Bm             Bm7
Now there are no games only pass the time,
          Em             Em7               Gadd9
No more colouring books,      no Christmas bells to chime,
              C/D                          G
But thinking young and growing older is no sin,
   C/G                            Gadd9
And I can play the game of life to win!

[Verse 3]
Gadd9                          Gsus7            Cadd9/G         Gadd9
  I can recall the time when I wasn't ashamed to reach out to a friend,
   Gadd9                  Gsus7            Cadd9/G          Gadd9
And now I think I've got a lot more than a skipping rope to lend!

[Verse 4]
            Em         Em7                   Bm           Bm7
Now there's more to do   ...than watch my sailboat glide,
           Em          Em7           Gadd9
And every day can be magic carpet ride,
   C/D                                G
And I can play hide-and-seek with my fears,
    C/G                                    G
And live my days, instead of counting my years!

[Verse 5 - Instrumental Break]
  C4/G                 C/G       G     Bb    Ebmaj7 Dm7
|  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |  /   /   /   /  |

   G                           C4/G                   C/G 
|  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |

   G    Ebmaj7 Dm7  G4  G
|  /   /   /   /  |  /  /  /  /  |

[Verse 6]
            Em          Em7                 Bm     Bm7
Let every - one debate    ...the true re - ality,
            Em          Em7             Gadd9
I'd rather see my world   ...the way it used to be,
   C/D                            G
A little bit of freedom's all we lack,
    C/G                                    Gadd9
So catch me if you can, I'm goin' back----------!
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About the artist behind Goin Back:

Mary Isabel Catherine Bernadette O'Brien[1] OBE (16 April 1939 – 2 March 1999), professionally known as Dusty Springfield, was an English singer born to Irish parents. Of the female artists of the British invasion, Springfield made the biggest impression on the U.S. market.[2] From 1963 to 1970, she scored 18 singles in the Billboard Hot 100.[3] She was voted the Top British Female Artist by the readers of the New Musical Express in 1964, 1965,[4] and 1968.[5] Springfield is an inductee of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the UK Music Hall of Fame.[6] She was placed among the 25 female rock artists of all time, by the readers of Mojo magazine (1999),[7] editors of Q magazine (2002),[8] and the panel of artists by the VH1 TV channel (2007).[9]

A fan of American soul music,[10] Dusty Springfield created a distinctive blue-eyed soul sound.[11][12] This earned her the nicknames "White Negress" and "White Queen of Soul".[13]

She campaigned to bring little-known soul singers to a wider U.K. audience by devising and hosting the first British performances of top-selling Motown Records artists on The Sound of Motown, a special edition of the Ready Steady Go! TV series in 1965.[13][14] In 1966, 1967, and 1969, she hosted three seasons of television variety shows [15] that included the introduction of Woody Allen and Jimi Hendrix to the British audience.[16]

Her dashing, glamourous image was supported by a peroxided blonde beehive hairstyle,[1] heavy use of eyeliner,[6] and luscious evening gowns.[17] The fact that Springfield was never in a publicly known relationship meant that the issue of her being bisexual continued to be raised throughout her life.[18]

Springfield began her solo career in 1963 with the Phil Spector-influenced pop/rock song "I Only Want To Be With You".[11] Her following chart hits included "I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself" and "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me". "The Look of Love", written for Springfield by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, was featured in the scene of Ursula Andress seducing Peter Sellers in the film Casino Royale;[19] the song was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song. The sudden changes of world pop music towards the experimentation of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Summer of Love themes, and psychedelia left Springfield out of fashion.[20][3] To boost her credibility,[20] she went to Memphis, Tennessee to record an album of pop and soul music with Atlantic Records' production team of Jerry Wexler, Arif Mardin, and Tom Dowd. The LP Dusty in Memphis[21] received the Grammy Hall of Fame award in 2001 and was listed among the 100 Greatest Albums of All Time by the Rolling Stone and the VH1, the readers of the New Musical Express, and the viewers of Channel 4. The standout track of the album, "Son of a Preacher Man", was an international Top 10 chart hit in 1969. The song was revived in 1994 by Quentin Tarantino[22] including it in the Pulp Fiction soundtrack,[23] which sold over three million copies.[24] Springfield's low period after Dusty in Memphis ended in 1987, when a collaboration with the Pet Shop Boys returned her to the top 20 of U.K. and U.S. charts with the singles "What Have I Done to Deserve This?", "Nothing Has Been Proved" and "In Private".[10] Dusty Springfield kept recording until she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995 and died in 1999.

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