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The Wolves Reprise
Hi. This song is pretty great. Weird to play at first, but it is this simple.
Strap on a capo and give it a whirl.

Tuning: Standard
Capo 7th Fret

Now since the 4 high strings stay open for the majority of this song and I happen to not have studied music,
I will refer to the chords by the main bass note that I feel is applicable. See it as guidance.

     C/Em                           Em and so on   
     d  d   u d u   d  d   u d u    d  d   u d u   d  d   u d u   d  d   u d u    d  d u  d   d u

    C                       G and so on                      

In the verse you basically play C four times and the the E progrssion as stated in the first line.

Suggestion for the lyrics:

C/Em               Em
     Wolves are waiting
C                   Em    
  Weve gone in in a pick
C/Em                 Em
     It's feathers suffer
C                 Em
  The soil of the tick
C/Em                 Em  (go down to C# right before C)
    We'll all surrender
C                 Em
  The echo of embrace
C/Em                  Em
     And how I'm sorry
C                   G   
   Give balance the break

Now at 2:13 we enter the instrumental part of the song where mostly other instruments become melodically 
I usually follow the changes the strand-up bass is doing, which circle around Em C and G.
If you play the Intro/Verse alongside the instrumental, it sounds quite alright, just skip the last four Gs 
and go straight back to Em

Enjoy playing along.
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