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All For You Chords
I'm new to do this but i did my best. Enjoy! If i made a mistake, email me to
or send me a testimonial in my friendster, thanks.

G: e:3  Bm: normal C: e:3
   b:3                b:5
   G:4                G:5
   d:5                d:5
   a:5                a:3
   e:3                e:x

G         Bm           C             G
look at me, look at you, make my day

          Bm           C              G
I hope you, think of me, when i'm away

(Now you start with sound)

Lightning strikes at my soul

I breath in.............

and so on with the same chords, even the chorus and everything.

Hope you enjoy

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About the artist behind All For You Chords:

Goodnight Nurse is a pop punk band based in New Zealand. The band formed in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2001,[2] originally as a trio, but later changed to a four-piece line-up which currently consists of lead vocalist Joel Little, guitarist and back up vocalist Sam McCarthy, bassist Rowan Crowe, with drummer and back up vocalist Jaden Parkes.[2] The band has released two studio albums, including Always and Never (2006) and Keep Me On Your Side (2008), both peaking at #5 in their home country.[3] Their latest single "I Need This", was released on May 5, 2008 in Australia and New Zealand. Goodnight Nurse will be supporting The Getaway Plan on their Where the City Meets the Sea Australian tour.

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