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Sally Chords
Title: Sally
Artist: Gogol Bordello
Album: Gypsy Punks
Tabber: Duncan Usher 

Intro: Am


Sally was a fifteen year old girl from Nebraska

Gypsies were passing through her little town
They dropped something on the road , she picked it up...
And cultural revolution right away begun!
Dm                              Am  (add finger to 3rd fret of G for the counter chord thing)
Oh no, cultural revolution just begun
Dm                              Am
Oh no, cultural revolution just begun

They always were afraid that I was schizophrenic...

They always were afraid schto ja rodinu prodal
a po pravde ja bil prosto malenkij medvedik
sel na velosipedik i vsjo nahuj proebal...
Dm                              Am
Oh no, cultural revolution just begun
Dm                              Am
Oh no, cultural revolution just begun

Dm                                   Am
From all the tables of contents that Mother Earth provides
Dm                       Am
I'd like to be a big fat fucking fly
Dm                                      Am
The one that spins around your head all day and all night
and sound of it is just like a what?...
   Dm                         Am
...but by the accident of some kind divine dispensation
Dm                Am
I ended up being walking United Nation
Dm                  Am
And I survive even fucking radiation
A big fat fucking what?And I would visit you a lot

Outro: Am

Simple or what? :D But still great.
Comments, corrections, feel free to email me.

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About the artist behind Sally Chords:

Gogol Bordello is a multi-ethnic Gypsy punk band from the Lower East Side of New York City that formed in 1999 and is known for its theatrical stage shows.[1] Much of the band's sound is inspired by Gypsy music, as its core members are immigrants from Eastern Europe. The band incorporates minor-key accordion and fiddle (and on some albums, saxophone) mixed with cabaret, punk, and dub as well as multiple languages. Phill Jupitus has described the band as "a bit like The Clash and The Pogues having a fight... in Eastern Europe,"[1] while Kenneth Partridge of The Hartford Courant described lead singer Eugene Hütz's voice as "somewhere between that of Borat and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog".[2]

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