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Standard tuning

The chords for the whole song are: C Em G Am

Verse 1

C                        Em  
Fire up the jet pack, no plans to land or head back. 

G                              Am 
Stacking bread, jackin' cheese off a trap of dead rats

C                                 Em
Flap my wings and sweat raps, the captain needs a wet nap.
G                              Am 
Get the Zags, and blunt wraps. Grab the swisher gut that

C                                 Em
Pack your bags, get some traction blasting off the launch pad. 

G                              Am
You might get the ashes on you I don't think you want that

C                        Em
Ain't gotta help me up I did that for my drunk dad, 

G                    Am
been there done that I don't need to flaunt that

C                       Em
I'm on that grown shit, blow dro smoke spliffs. 

G                       Am
Four door space shuttle out the O-zone, shit

C                     Em                       
I don't fly coach I coach folks on fly-ness. 

G                        Am
Boatloads of dope flows, hope flows, the tides in. 

C                   Em
Gold touch of Midas post up and light it

G                               Am
Get toasty, stay crispy like a roast duck that's flying. 

C                         Em                    
I'm in the sky and I ain't sure when I'll be coming down

G                           Am
Go ahead without me I'll be on the next shuttle out


             C                 Em
Haven't been home in a minute, so independent 

G                        Am
no way to know where I'm going. 

            C               Em
But Imma be right back, 

         G             Am 
Imma be right back.

C                    Em
Flown to the limits, always been a mission.

G            Am
So distant. 

                   C               Em
I keep missing my flights back, 

             G             Am 
but Imma be right back.

Repeat troughout the whole song
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