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You Do Something To Me (ver 2) - Dum Dums

You Do Something To Me
You Do Something To Me

G                    320033
Cadd9            x32033
D                    xx0232
Em7               022033
A                    x02220

Capo 3

G  Cadd9  D  x2
Em7  Cadd9  D x2

Verse w/intro
Mum felt fine, wanting to kill the family before the news,
Shes the ruler of the prozac kingdom,
Her appliances and phoney conversations,

Talk to your mum, Wendy, even if she seems distant lately,
Its just the sunshine in her eyes,
The weather that the doctor prescribed,

       A                         Cadd9                 G
And Wendy's warming her hands on the flame,
      A                      Cadd9          D
The Halversons will never be the same, wuh oh oh

Em7     Cadd9       D
You do something to me,
Em7     Cadd9       D
You do something to me,
Em7     Cadd9       D         Cadd9          D
You do something to me, all the time...

Play intro

Dad was sick, he got his fingers burnt getting close to an old flame,
Wonders why his wife cries all the time,
Wonders why he cant find peace of mind.

You cant expect your kids to turn out fine,
When you're playing with matches,
Another tragic fall from success,
Nero fiddles on, enchanted,


Chorus  x2

D                  Em7                         Cadd9
He wanders, godlike, through the ruins of his private world,
D                Em7                  Cadd9
Lights up a joint and wendy slips away,
D             Em7                     Cadd9
Looks for redemption in her hazel eyes,
       D Em7        Cadd9
And cries, all the time....wuh oh oh


G  Cadd9  D x7  Em7 Cadd9  D  G

eddie thomas [email protected]
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