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Dum Dums - Photographs

Capo 1

G  A  Em  C  x4

Verse  w/intro
I got a heart and you’re my education
I’m a man of little conversation
The rope is wearing thin the ledge is breaking
The case is closed all the verdicts have been taken
Cupid spurting poison in my bloodstream

Burning all the photographs of you
And the letters that you wrote
And the jacket that you wore
Of mine when you were getting cold
And it flickers in the flames
And it whispers in your name
       Dsus2                          C
That I never gave you back my burning photographs

Play intro chords x2

And my world is on the side and I am busted
I know you should have never have been trusted
As I fall a thousand feet into the headlights
I don’t feel ashamed to say I didn’t want it to end this way
I don’t want to hear about your boyfriend


Em    D   C

Chorus x2

G  A  Em  C  G  A  C
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