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Stamp Of Origin Horizon
Dredg - The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion
"Stamp of Origin: Horizon"
Transcribed by Yosswell

4/4 time

|D   |Bm   |G    |D  A |

I like to play "Down to the Cellar" which I play in Drop D. So I normally play the G chord as:

G - |3345XX|

Here's the lyrics (since I like keeping everything to one window..

PS. I may include a powertab version if I feel like I have the time before the new year.

*Sitting in the sand watch the tide roll up 
Take a deep breath in as your past fades out 
    G                                    D     A
Let everything else just fade into the horizon 
When the planets stop spinning and the music stops 
Take a deep breath in let your life fade out 
     G                                     D     A
With everything else you'll fade into the horizon

*This is only played the first time

It is then played like this for the rest of the time

Technically speaking it's played on piano and then on guitar
listen to see where.

To play on piano the notes are as follow:

d f# g e d c# (g) g g f# d a# c# b c#

[Spoken parts]

I'll never leave this place 
The place where I was born 
I need a little more information 
To add to this confusion 
These delusions 
They aren't meant to justify the things you do 
Thankfully, I haven't been taken very seriously 
Keep moving onward, keep moving onward 
I don't know if I've been reborn 
Or lived a past life 
Suffered in another time 
I am gathering the pebbles I need 
To drink from the well 
We are all part of this problem 
Just let go, just let go, just let go, just let go

*Thank you for the lyrics.
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