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The Count Of Tuscany
This is only the last part of the song, but that part alone is a masterpiece if you ask me.

Listen to the song for the strumming pattern.

   G#m   Badd4  F#    E

| G#m | G#m | Badd4 | Badd4 | F# | F# | E | E | 2x

Could this be the end?
Is this the way I die?
Sitting here alone
No one by my side
I don't understand
I don't feel that I deserve this
What did I do wrong?
I just don't understand (I just don't understand)

| G#m | G#m | Badd4 | Badd4 | F# | F# | E | E |

Give me one more chance
Let me please explain
It's all been circumstance
I'll tell you once again
You took me for a ride
Promising a vast adventure
The next thing that I know
I'm frightened for my life

Now wait a minute man
That's not how it is
You must be confused
That isn't who I am
Please don't be afraid
               F#    Badd4
I would never try to hurt you
But this is how we live, strange although it seems
  F#      E        
Please try to forgive

       F#           G#m
The chapel and the saint
The soldiers and the wine
The fables and the tales
All handed down through time
      F#                 G#m
Of course you're free to go
                  F#       Badd4
Go and tell the world my story
Tell them of my brother, tell them about me
      F#    E           F#
The Count of Tuscany

End on G#m.
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Quick tip, so you can enjoy The Count Of Tuscany even more:

If you don't really know how to deal with "Absus4" chord and his equally confusing brothers, just put the mouse cursor over them and you will be shown a helpful chord diagram.

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