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Begin Again
[Verse 1]

           F   Bb
I gave up hope
     C    Dm    C
Was dead inside
        Gm           Bb/F              Am   C
Stayed lost within a world I chose to hide
        F/A      Bb      Am
Then I found my faith in him
   Bbadd9 Bbm F/A
And now     I can
  C      F   C
Begin again

[Verse 2]

         F      Bb
I once believed
     C        Dm    Dm/C
Our fate was sealed
    Gm                Bb/F            C
But now at last, the truth has been revealed
In an instant
Bb          Am
Life could change
    Bbadd9 Bbm     F/A  
And now       and then
  C    Db
Begin again


                 Ab/C                Ab
I know that I am meant for something more
     Bbm               Eb/G
That life beyond these walls
     Ab               Eb/G
Has greater things in store
        Fm                 Db
When I heard his voice, I realized
    Ab/C          Cm
I'd never be the same
  B                            Csus C  
Instantly I knew my life had changed

[Verse 3]

            F    Bb
I dream of peace
 C         Dm   C
Above all else
    Gm                 Bb/F            C
To share a world where we could be ourselves
         F/A      Bb             Am
We must learn to rise above the past
  Bbadd9  Bbm     F/A   C
Before we can at last
Begin again


Dm C F Gm F/A Bb C
F C/E Dm Dm/C Bb Bb Gm Gm
Am Am Dm Dm Bb Bb
Gm C Fsus F
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