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High Tab
Artist - Feeder
Song - High (From album Polythene)

This song sounds great when played on an electric acoustic 
while singing, although it does sound better with backup from 
a distorted electric. ( especially during the chorus). The 
actual version is played with your guitar tuned 1/4 up and 
capo on 2nd fret, but cos i got a deep manly voice(hehe...), 
i played it open.

Its a kind of a strange mix (fingering style) of oasis' wonderwall 
and nirvana's teen spirit for the chorus...or is that just me?

[M-mute with thumb (a la hendrix)]VERSE

Main guitar
 Gsus          C(add 9)       A7(Sus4)       C(add 9)

Guitar 2 riff(I think)


Main Guitar
you can just repeat the verse for this, but i reckon it sounds 
better using the major bar chords and some major distortion. 
Ideally you want guitar 1 playin the verse riff and guitar 2 
playing the bar chords, but hey im just one guy, and none of 
my mates play guitar :(

Bar Chords (Distorted preferably)
   G     C     Am    C
Gsus     C(add 9)   A7(Sus4) C(add 9)    Gsus    C(add 9)        A7(Sus4)      C(add9)
Guess im stuck in a dream, surrounded by coloured leaves on the ground,
As I stare at the trees, I see one fall down on my hand
AS I start to explore, I can't ignore a man
He turn his head around, his face was all warmed by the sun.

I'm going out for a while, so I can get high with my friends
I will...
I'm going out for a while, so I can get high with my friends

Drifting down a road, losing my self in a dream
Feel my hands getting cold, sat in a boat on a lake


Climing up, trying my best, as i sink...
Climbing up, trying my best as i sink again...

Lying back on the floor, reaching up high into space,
See myself in a glass, counting the lines on my face...
Counting the lines on my face...

Chorus x2

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About the artist behind High Tab:

Feeder are a Welsh rock band, who formed in Newport, South Wales, during 1992. The band were originally comprised of Grant Nicholas (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Taka Hirose (bass), and Jon Lee (drums). Following Jon's suicide in 2002, former Skunk Anansie and Little Angels drummer Mark Richardson joined in August 2002. Feeder have also been accompanied by touring members Matt Sime (keyboards; 2000–2002), Dean Tidey (guitar, backing vocals; 1998–present) and Dean Deavall (keyboards, backing vocals; 2008-present).

Feeder released their first two albums, Polythene and Yesterday Went Too Soon, in 1997 and 1999 respectively, before the release of their third album, Echo Park propelled them into mainstream popularity in 2001. After their breakthrough year, their drummer Jon Lee committed suicide in his Miami home in January 2002. The band continued, releasing Comfort in Sound at the close of 2002, an album musically and lyrically focused around the band's emotions at the time, which was well-received by critics. This was followed by 2005's Pushing the Senses, while their newest album, Silent Cry, is due to be released in June 2008.

Although Feeder have not reached #1 on any sales-based chart with any of their own releases, they have released five studio albums and two compilations, including a singles album. Those releases have spawned three UK platinum sales awards, two gold awards, and one silver award, with a gold award in Ireland for their singles album. Alongside this, they also have twenty-three top seventy-five singles, and seven top seventy-five albums.[1] Additionally, Feeder hold the distinction as the first act to play in front of 1,500 people or more at any HMV store worldwide, and have also collected Kerrang! awards for "Best British Live Act" (2001) and "Best British Band" (2003).

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