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This song doesn't have any lyrics
but I will still type the vocal sections
most of it is instrumental though with guitar
and flute with some vocal near the end

(plucking chords  almost like harmonics- 
you have to do these parts with barre chords to achieve this effect)

inaudible voice
Gm Eb Dbm F# Dbm G Dbm 
F# Dbm B

That was turned on
(open D string)

(*Clicking sound made with mouth)

Dbm E

A Dbm E

F# Dbm

F# G

(*Loud Exhale)

Gm Db F# D

(*Mouth clicking noises)

(Low moaning aaaoooohmmmmmmm)

D Dbm

Dbm    Db  F#    Bbm  Eb   E G

Dbm F#m  Db  Gm Dbm  Abm



Bm   Am   F  Em   E   (Ending chords)


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