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Something New
This is my interpretation, this is written by Dino Valente transcribed by me and I 
also listened and copied the lyrics down, I do not own this song. But as I was 
saying this time I transcribed it.

Intro: Gm F Bb 
Gm F Gm G Bb
Gm F# Gm Eb F Dm Gm
Eb Dm G Cm

Dm        Gm         Bb        Am Gm  F  Gm Bb  Gm 
You Tell Me those guys don't turn you on anymore

Bb       Gm              Dm             Fm       Cm  Gm 
and you don't think they're as gone as you used to

Eb               Gm   Bb  Gm 
here is a garden unicorns knowin'

Bb         Gm 
the sudden enchantment of ever-now

Eb                Dm 
you don't have to cry babe

Eb        Bb       Dm 
I'll be standing by my love

Eb               F                Dm      D
anytime you're tryin' something brand new
       Bb                           Gm 
you tell me that they just bring you down 
 Bb    Fm     F    Gm
and that you don't even come around my love

D     Cm           C         Gm     Bb  C
here is a tower, straight and tall

somewhere to run to, when you fall

F        Dm 
you don't have to cry babe

Eb    Bb       Dm 
sing another song love

Eb        D       Bb       Dm 
you may find you're tryin something brand new
like nowhere to run, no reason to hide my love
sing you song the way you want to
I know how hard the others have tried my love
to hold you down, but I don't want to
Anyway, I know more about you baby then they do
and honey I don't even know your name
But I know guys like that could never understand a creature like you
not while their still locked in playing games
You tell me that they can't even look in your eye
could that mean that they weren't meant for paradise
There in that castle, a princess is sleeping forever dreaming dreams of love

come walk in the sun babe, singe another song love
you may find you're trying something that's brand new
like baby I know you think you're out of your mind
but you may find that someone has found you
and I know you have tried other kinds here
but don't you think it's time for something new
Anyway, I know more about you baby than they do
And honey I don't even know your name
But I know guys like that could never ever know you
not while they're still locked in playing games

you tell me that all your skies are grey baby
and all those boys took all your pretty toys away
Here is your heart, went to my mind
the things we find here will last through time

let them have those toys babe, boys will be boys my love
and don't you think it's time you tried something brand new

you can't stay there babe, those cats are square babe
they don't even know you're something brand new

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