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Everythings Gonna Be Ok
Intro: Am E G F Remember Tuning is in D, this is simply my interpretation of the 
song, as nobody else has bothered to post any chords or tabs from the 1968 Album 
Dino Valente. -Oliver White
F#m               F               Am

Lately I've been walkin' on a new side of town

Em           Bsus4            A#
New kind of doin' and my mind's all around

Am               G               E
It's a new kind of somthing that I just found

Am     G   Em      E
Everything's gonna be OK

Bb            Am      Dm         Em 
Bright golden feathers and gossimer wings
Moondrops and leathers and fairy tale things
Silver spun angels smile dancin' in rain
A        F         Am E

Everything's gonna be OK

Bb          Am    Dm         Em  
Lilacs and lilies and clover is green
Treasures of tapestries woven between
    C           F       D         A  
These are the treasures of such to be seen

Gmaj7   C      E

Everything's OK now

C             Am                 E  
Summer white raindrops and winter is pale
Autumn makes magick and springtime is frail
And the song in my heart is the song on my trail

D         F     Am        G  
Everything's OK now, it's OK now

Bb            Am      Dm         Em

Bout this time of evenin' with the sun goin' down
There's a new kind of music I been hearin' all around
It's a lucky charm, and it's mornin' bound

Am     G        Em            E
Everything's gonna be OK, it's OK babe,

Cmaj7               F       H7        C
It's gonna be OK now, it's OK...ay... ay...babe

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