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Still Believing In Love
Still Beliving In Love
 Text & Musik Joel Gunnarsson/Georg Karlsson
Intro:  C   G   F   G

C             G                 F
I gave her up long time ago
                G                       C
and now I fallen in love with you
      G                     F         G
Still beliving in love and still hoping

Am                   Em
The picture got stuck inside me.
Am           Em
I never forget a face.
Am        Em
Even the thoughs are captured.
            Am    Em       Dm            Am Em                   F/G
But I'm still beleving in love  and a still hoping fore your love....

C                    G                  F
The feelings of summer in the mid-winter.
      G                            C
Is it you or what could it mean ?
C          G              F          G
Never beling in love but still hoping

ref. The picture getting.....

Intro * 2

C         G                                F
Nailing up all those pictures of you
             G                        C
Just to belive that you are mine.
                     G                  F                        G                   C                G   
Keeping your picture in my pocket, just to keep on lying to myself.....

Ref * 2

Utro: C G F G * 2  C------->
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