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Exalted Forever
Exalted Forever
Big Daddy Weave

The strumming on this is a little tricky so be sure to listen to the song to get 
the changes right.

Intro & Verse

G               C         D
It is good to praise you Lord
         Em            C    D
To make music to Your holy Name most high
G                    C           D
Sing a song of Your love in the morning
          Em                 C      D
And Your faithfulness, Your faithfulness at night


D                Em      C     D
Your deeds have made me glad
            Em          C           D
I sing for joy at the work of Your hand
             Em           C         D
You turn my morning into dancing God
                         Em          C
And the foolish man just can’t understand why


G   Em              C            G        
Oh, I just want to sing Your praise
          Em     C
You are exalted forever
G            Em         C            G   
Oh, let all heaven and earth proclaim
         Em       C       G  Em C G Em C
You are exalted forever, God

I couldn't figure out the bridge, hopefully somebody can figure it out based off of this

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About the artist behind Exalted Forever:

Big Daddy Weave is a Christian rock band composed of Mike Weaver (lead singer), Jay Weaver, Jeremy Redmon, Jeff Jones and Joe Shirk. Their popular songs include: Every Time I Breathe, Audience of One, In Christ, Fields of Grace, and Without You. They are signed to Fervent Records.

The band met while in college at the University of Mobile. Mike Weaver had been serving as worship leader of a Pensacola, Florida church and attending community college in the area.[1] He came to the university at the urging of his pastor, and studied voice.[1]

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