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Promise Me
Song:   Promise Me
Artist: Beverly Craven
Chords by: Jaypee Resada

Intro:  Cm - A#/C - Ab/C - A#/C - (2x)

Verse 1:

Cm           A#                    Gm            G#
You light up another cigarette and I pour the wine

Cm                       A#               Gm              G#
It's four o'clock in the morning and it's starting to get light

Cm                    A#         Gm                  G#
Now I'm right where I want to be losing track of time

      Fm               G               Cm Cm/D Cm/D# Cm/Ab G
But I wish that it was still last night

Verse 2:

Cm                      A#         
You look like you're in another world

Gm             Ab
But I can read your mind

Cm                A#
How can you be so far away

Gm          Ab
Lying by my side


G      G/B      C/E
when I go away, I'll miss you

Fm                            C#              D#
And I will be thinking of you every night and day just


Ab                Cm               A#m             D#
Promise me you'll wait for me 'cos I'll be saving all my love for you

Ab  D#/G           C#/F  D#/G       
And I will be home soon, 

Ab                Cm
Promise me you'll wait for me

A#m                C    C/E  Fm         A#/D
I need to know you feel the same way too

     C#           D#               Ab G
And I'll be home, I'll be home soon

Solo: Cm - A# - Gm - Ab - (x2)

        (Repeat Refrain)
        (Repeat Chorus x2 except last word)


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