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Burn Chords
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Date: 04 Sep 95 18:29:54 EDT
From: cis 
Subject: CRD: Burn by Dream Syndicate

>From Keith Hill 100644,[email protected]
EMail me for more info... etc.
Here is the Dream Syndicate's Burn- D.S. were the best band of the 80's!

(Steve Wynn)

Em		C		G		D/F#
Someone set fire to the field last night
Em		C		G		D/F#
Turned himself in this morning
Em		C		G		D/F#
No, I don't think you knew him
A			D
But that's not the point
A			D
Em		C		G		D/F#
Well, the cops asked why he'd done it
Em		C		G		D/F#
As they fastened up the cuffs
Em		C		G		D/F#
He looked at what he'd done and said
A			D
I guess I just don't know
A			D
			Em	  	    C		       G	   D/F#
	But you can feel it in your heart, Feel it in your soul
	Em		C		    G		D/F#
	Feel it go around until you lose control
			Em		C		G	  D/F#
	And there's just a few things that can't be told
	A			D
	Don't you feel it burn

	A			D
	Don't you feel it burn
	A			D
	Ah, don't you feel it burn

There was this friend that you and I had
There were a few things he believed in
And then one by one he found some flaws
And now he's not so sure

I woke up alone this morning
And I looked around the room
Someday there's gonna be hell to pay
I know (ch)

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About the artist behind Burn Chords:

Dream Syndicate was an alternative rock band from Los Angeles, California active from 1981 to 1989. The band was associated with the Paisley Underground music movement.

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