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As Footsteps Go By Chords
Chord structure is simple

Intro and verse:

   E      B                A           Fsharp  A    E

(Note the E chord should be played as a "A shaped" bar
  chord and all the others use a "E shaped" bar chord)

     E                  A
Every night for 3 long weeks
Fsharp minor                     B
She roamed the hallways half asleep
    E                   A
and as the footsteps fade away
 Fsharp minor                     B
n my mind I could swear I could swear I heard her say

 A        B
Don't wait for me
 E            Fsharp minor
Got lot to do got lot to be
 A                    B
and in the end maybe i'll see you there

Then back to the verse chords with distortion

During the bridge and chorus parts, I use open chords,
I'm not sure if the band does it that way, but I like
it better that way.  This is my fisrt posting and probably
won't be the last.  Corections, suggestions are welcome
Yours truely

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About the artist behind As Footsteps Go By Chords:

Catch 22 is the eighth studio album released by Hypocrisy in 2002. The Japanese version of the album includes a bonus track entitled, "Nowhere to Run". The band on this album said that they were influenced by some new music, especially Slipknot, which can explain the change in their sound.

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