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Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 22:02:01 -0800
From: Dennis Hiebert 
To: submissions OLGA 
Subject: /h/hill_benny/prunella.crd

Title:   Prunella
Artist:  Benny Hill
Chords:  C, G7, F

I saw Benny Hill perform this song on a video I rented one time which had a
bunch of various skits and songs.  He was doing various characters, such as
Roger Twitaker, and he sang this song while doing the character Anthony

This song is 3/4 beat.  I play it by picking the bass note followed either
by strums of the three high strings.  The bass notes vary throughout the
song.  Play either the bass note or a strum which is indicated by a '/'.

C    /   /  E  /  /       B     /    / D  /   /
[C]Poor old Prunella was [G7]built like a fella,
       A     /   /    A   /  /       B     / / G /
She [F]went 'round to see Doctor [G7]Kerr,
   G         C   /     /  E  /       /            B        /  /   D      /
He said, ^?[C]Now then, my case,^? but when she [G7]stripped to the waist,
/     A    /   /        G   A   B       C     / / C /
He [F]couldn't help [G7]calling her ^?[C]sir^?.

/     C  /  /    E     /   /     B  /      /  D     /
^?Don't worry your head, I'm a [G7]surgeon,^? he said,
 /       A     /   /   A  /    /        B      / / G /
^?I'll [F]graft you two on just like [G7]that,^?
G         C    /   /   E   /      /       B  /  /   D     /
But he [C]went and got plastered, the [G7]silly old fool,
/         A   /   /        G A  B      C     / / C /
And he [F]grafted them [G7]onto her [C]back.

/   C    /   /  E  /   /       B     /   / D  /   /
Now poor old Prunella, she [G7]can't get a fella,
      A    /  /  A    /  /     B     /     / G /
To [F]walk or to talk or ro[G7]mance with,
 /        C      /     /  E    /    /     B        /     /    D
'Cause [C]no one wants to chat with a [G7]girl who looks like that,
/   /     A  /   /         B     A   G     C     /    /
But by [F]golly, she's [G7]great fun to [C]dance with.

Transcribed by Hoser
 [email protected]
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About the artist behind Prunella:

The Benny Hill Show is a television programme starring Benny Hill. It was produced by Thames Television from 1969 to 1989 and was broadcast in over 140 countries. Previous incarnations of the show had aired on BBC Television from 1955 to 1968, and on Associated TeleVision from 1957 to 1960 plus a one-off special in 1967.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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