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Charted by Richard J.M. Fry for bloody fun, that’s who! (Drastic Revisions! 
Epiphany, research, and whatnot)
Once more, please consult the *Notes and Notations* section below for any 
*Plenty of interesting chords here. Just to note, this is not tablature, but I am 
by far open to corrections on chord figures. If you DO have chord suggestions, 
please, let me know in the comments, but please don’t suggest arppegiated chords.*
Redundancy aside, I have nixed the non-capo version. Many of these chord shapes 
simply can’t be feasibly emulated on a guitar without a capo. Though, if you want 
to see the chords anyways, use the transposition tool on the left hand side and 
raise the song four half steps.
Chords used in order:

Capoed Version: F#m now played as Dm

Capo 4: 
Dm : XX0231 or you can use this D5 shape to emulate the intro arpppegiation: XX0235
D5/F: 1X023X
Em7: 022030
Gm: 355333
D5/F#: 2X023X
Am: X02210
E: 022100
E7/G#: 420100
G: 3X0003
C: x32010

Standard Tuning
Key: Dm/D
Tempo: 132-135 BPM 
Time Signature: 4/4

Intro: Dm     D5/F

Em7    Gm
Some saw the sun;
               D5/F#         Am
Some saw the smoke;
               E        E7/G#
Some heard the gun;
              Am    C
Some bent the bow.
               Dm   C 
Sometimes the wire
     E7/G#          Am       D5/F
Must tense for the note.
               E         D5/F
Caught in the fire, say “Oh
        G          D
We're about to explode”.

Am      C
Carry your world"
                 G           D
I'll carry your world.
            Am      C
Carry your world"
I'll carry your world.

Break: D5/F   Em7   Gm

D5/F#         Am
Some far away;
                E           E7/G#
Some search for gold;
                Am       C
Some dragon to slay.
           Dm          C
Heaven, we hope,
   E7/G#        Am       Dm
Is just up the road.
             E               Dm
Show me the way, Lord, cause I" 
      G          D
I’m about to explode.

Am    C
Carry your world" 
                 G    D
I'll carry your world.
            Am    C
Carry your world" 
                 G    D
I'll carry your world.
            Am    C
Carry your world
              G       D
And all your hurt

D   Am   C    G

Outro: D5/F    Em    Gm    D5/F#

*Notes and Notations*
1. The intro: given that there is an arppegiation of D-A-A, that might make you 
want to play a D major chord with your pinky on F on the high E string. 
Technically, yes, this is how the recording does it, but simply because there is 
an octave of the fifth does not inherently make this intro chord major. As such, I 
have listed it as a Dm, given that it is shortly followed by such.

3. The G chord I have listed: I am a staunch believer of dropping the low B on the 
A string in a G chord. It just muddies the tone to me. Leaving the high B still 
present completes the triad while also making a brighter G; that being said, you 
can make that high B a high D"cutting out the third of the chord is purely 
aesthetic, so don’t feel inclined to follow this if you disagree.

3. Lastly, the E7 might sound like there is an octave D on the B string there, but 
this is unnecessary given the lower seventh present in a standard E7 chord 
fulfills the seventh necessary for a V7 chord. As to WHY there is an E7 there, it 
is a borrowed V7/v chord. Am immediately precedes E and E7, so this negates any 
possibility of it being a III7, as a iii-III7 is incredibly uncommon compared to a 
V-V7/v. This is just theory babble, so disregard it if you aren’t interested in that.
Coldplay - Atlas :: indexed at Ultimate Guitar.
Atlas tabs @ 911Tabs

About the artist behind Atlas:

Coldplay are an English alternative rock band formed in London in 1997. The group comprises vocalist/pianist/guitarist Chris Martin, lead guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman, and drummer/multi-instrumentalist Will Champion. Coldplay has been one of the most commercially successful bands of the new millennium, selling over 30 million albums. The band is also known for its hit singles, such as "Yellow", "Speed of Sound", the Grammy Award-winning "Clocks" and their latest single, "Viva La Vida".

Coldplay achieved worldwide fame with the release of their single "Yellow", followed by the success of their debut album, Parachutes (2000), which was nominated for the Mercury Prize. Both Parachutes and its follow-up, A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002), were released to commercial success; the latter was named NME's Album of the Year. X&Y (2005) received a generally positive reception. From December 2006, the band worked with producer Brian Eno on their fourth studio album, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends, which was released on 12 June 2008.

Coldplay's early material was compared to acts such as Jeff Buckley,[1] U2, and Travis.[2] Since the release of Parachutes, Coldplay have drawn influence from other sources, including Echo and the Bunnymen[1] and George Harrison[3] on A Rush of Blood to the Head and Johnny Cash and Kraftwerk for X&Y.[4] Coldplay have been an active supporter of various social and political causes, such as Oxfam's Make Trade Fair campaign and Amnesty International. The group has also performed at various charity projects such as Band Aid 20, Live 8, and the Teenage Cancer Trust.[5]

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