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Container-lied Chords
So this is "Containerlied" by the German Rock- and Punk-Band "Die Toten Hosen"

For everyone who can't speak german, this is what the song's about..

it's about a beggar who tries to sleep in a container in cold night..

But unfortunately he dies.. on his head he's wearing a crown made out of a 


the last verse is about his "comeback".. he appears as a cloud and what does

he see? a little boy's wearing his paper-crown..

For the sound: i think it sounds pretty much like the original if you hardly 

use overdrive, 

but turn up the treble a bit more than usual.

About the A-chords marked with a "*":

play it as it's 577655..from low to high..

i think it sounds have fun with the song

 (E)           (A)               (E)      (B) 

Dies ist 'ne Geschichte, die das Leben schrieb,

           (C#m)          (E)     (B)
von einem Penner, der in einen Container stieg.

 (E)       (A)        (E)    (B) 
Es war sehr kalt in dieser Nacht

         (C#m)       (E)     (B)
und zum Schlafen war das kein schlechter Platz.

Zwischenspiel: E, A, E, B 

            (E)      (A)          (E)  (B) 
Es war 'ne Hausfrau, die ihn als Erste sah,

             (C#m)      (E)     (B)
als er schon steif und längst erfroren war.

         (E)      (A)          (E)  (B) 
Auf dem Kopf eine Krone aus Zeitungspapier -
          (C#m) (E)             (B) (E)
sah wie'n König aus, nur etwas unrasiert.

 (C#m)                  (A)*    
Später kam er dann als Wolke zurück.

         (E)             (B)
Sah von oben herab und freute sich.

    (C#m)                    (A)*     
Er erkannte seine Krone aus Zeitungspapier:

             (E)                (B)   (E)
ein kleiner Junge trug sie mit sich spazieren. 

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About the artist behind Container-lied Chords:

Die Toten Hosen is a German punk band from Düsseldorf. They are one of the German-language acts who have enjoyed decades-long mass appeal in Germany.

The band's name literally means "The Dead Trousers" in English, although the phrase "tote Hose" is a German expression meaning "impotent", "lifeless", "boring", or "nothing going on".

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