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Please Notice

[Verse 1]
G                                    Em
Baby when you sleep do you dream of me
And when you're awake Do you think of me
I need to know, How do you feel?

[Verse 2]
G                                   Em
Cause baby when I sleep I dream of you
And when I'm awake thats all I do
Think about every detail you have

[Verse 3]
G                                         Em
Do you notice when I get mad I clench my jaw
Do you notice when I get sad I tend to fall
Over my words I say to you

[Verse 4]
G                                               Em
Cause I notice when you get mad you close your eyes
And I notice when you get sad you let out sighs
I need to know are those sighs ever over me

G Em C D

[Verse 5]
G                                  Em
Do you know how in love with you I am
Do you see how in love with you I am
Everything that you do makes my heart stop

Ohh it stops

     D             G
And baby when you sleep

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