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To Win My Love
[Am]I've been upset and I've been do[Dm]wn
I've been throwing things arou[G]nd
since you're no longer here be[E]side me 
[Am]And my friends say - hey whats ne[Dm]w 
they just heard that we were thro[G]ugh
well I guess I'm alright ba[E]by

[F]I'm surviving this for sure
to [Dm]win my love takes so much more [G]
[F]Im surviving this for sure
to [Dm]win my love takes so much more [G]

Verse 2
[Am]So my friends heard that we're thr[Dm]ough
now they think I still love yo[G]u 
but, you weren't really all that ba[E]by!

[Am]Like a walk down in the pa[Dm]rk
A light Shining in the da[G]rk
It's been nothing and now cle[E]arly


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