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Promises Chords
Here are the chords for the new Cranberries song 'Promises'
Tabbed by Rob Turner
[email protected]

The whole song uses the same 4 chords.
Em, Bmin, D, C

You better believe I'm coming
You better believe what I say
You better hold on to your promises
because you bet you'll get what you deserve

Do this for all the verses and the chorus.
The only thing is that on the verses it uses short breaks after a strum
a chord but on the chorus it plays the chord without stopping for
(If you know what I mean?)

That's the whole song. I don't really want to write all the lyrics but
you have them send them to me.

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About the artist behind Promises Chords:

The Cranberries is an Irish alternative rock band that rose to mainstream popularity in the 1990s. They have sold an estimated 43 million albums worldwide, not including singles.[1] Since 2003 the band has been on hiatus as the members pursue solo careers.

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