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This song isn't very well known but obviously you've heard of it.
It's a good song.

Chords used

G  Gmaj7 Cadd9 Em7   D

3   3      3    3    2  
3   3      3    3    3
0   0      0    0    2   
0   0      2    2    0  
2   2      3    2    x  
3   2      0    0    x


G  Gmaj7 Cadd9 Em7

(Verse 1)

Well I'm battered down and burt out

like a half a cigarette

C add9
And I'm passed out on the floor

Em7              D  
And I'm thinkn' am I happy yet

well I filmed in black and white

But you remember me in colors

C add9
singing songs about my heartaches
       Em7         D
and my jelousy of others

well its ahrd to explain it and

C add9
hard to contain it,

its hard to explain how it

C add9


C add9                 G
Till theres someone to cry about,

C add9
someone to fight it out

G                      C add9
Someone to say your the reason they breath

Till theres someone your crazy 'bout

C add9
the one you can't live without

G                      C add9
Someone to say your the reason they breath

(verse 2)
Well I'm feeling kinda lonely
Cause I lost my train of thought
Tried to run away from thinking
but it only got me caught

Well I'm as open as a rose
when summers air can spare no rain
in this drought I'm almost deadened
in the sun I'm rather plain

(pre-chorus 2)

well does it help you to cling to

C add9
this shell you've turned into

G                    C add9
i wish the best and the worst

(repeat chorus)


G Cadd9

Well i fumble back and forth and try to find my words

C add9
But theres no couple or couplet that you haven't heard

If i try a little harder, try some workn' it out

C add9
I think I fall on my face on my way out

try to kiss you baby, teel you everything on my mind

C add9
try to spit out my my heart when I go looking behind

if theres something worth saying

C add9
better go and say it now

I'm getting out of this room, with this gun in this room

(repeat Chorus)

I'm not sure if thats what they actually play but it sounds right to me
Any questions E-mail me at  [email protected]

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