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Troubled Soul
Amy MacDonald - Troubled soul

tab by: blackbird88
thanks for chords: MissRadijs

tuning: standard
capo: 3rd
G    :320001
Em   :022000
C    :x32010
D    :xx0232

Intro: G, Cadd9 2x


G                                     Cadd9
Oh the sun may shine through your window on a summer s day
    G                                   Cadd9
Doesn t change your heavy heart skips a beat each day
          G                            Cadd9
You get a temporary high as you watch life pass you by
             G                                      Cadd9
Every single day you want to cry, can we wish those tears a fond goodbye

Chorus 2x:

C                 G
Aching heart, troubled soul
      C                                  G
I wanna tell you something wanted you to know
              C                   Em
look at these eyes, look at this smile
              D              Dsus4    Em
They re gonna stay around here, for a while


Oh the rain may pour and it may fall
but still I´ll always hear you call
        G                     Cadd9
I ll be waiting , waiting for you
Oh your eyes so blue your smile so white
I think about you everyday and every night
        G                    Cadd9
I ll be waiting, waiting for you


instrumental Chorus

Chorus 2x

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About the artist behind Troubled Soul:

Amy Macdonald (born 25 August 1987 in Bishopbriggs, near Glasgow[1]) is a Scottish singer/songwriter. Her debut album, This Is the Life, was released on 30 July 2007. Her first single, "Poison Prince", was released on 7 May 2007. She has been scheduled to play shows at music festivals such as Glastonbury, Hyde Park, T in the Park, and V festival. She has signed a record deal with Vertigo, the same record label which hosts The Killers and Razorlight. Macdonald started playing on-stage acoustic gigs at the age of 15. Her main influences include Travis and The Libertines. After playing several shows across mainland Europe, Macdonald plans to play at various festivals such as V Fest during the summer of 2008.

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