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Hillbilly Deluxe Chords
Hillbilly Deluxe
By Brooks and Dunn
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
[email protected]

Well, up in the backwoods down in the holler
old boy's feeling like a dog on a colla'
A                           G
Keep that chain held tight, waiting on Saturday night
Put on my smell good, put on Skynyrd
Head into town like a Nascar winner
A                                                G
Cruisin back and forth to the tasty freeze, everywhere you look all you see is

D           Cadd9               G                             D 
Hillbilly Deluxe, slick pick up trucks, big timing in a small town
D           Cadd9          G
Stirring it up right about sundown
D               Cadd9                     G                                     A
Black denim and chrome to the bone with a little homegrown, country girl cuddle up
Cadd9   G            D
         Hillbilly deluxe

Couple Kids, Sweet thing driving a fast bash
Shoot 'em a coon smile, hoping that they smile back
Hey baby what' your name, burn a little rubber when the red lights change
Here come the blue lights ,Here come Bonnie
Hot on the bill, y'all lets move the party
Gotta go but that's alright, do it all again next Friday night



Hillbilly Deluxe
Hillbilly Deluxe
Hillbilly Deluxe

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