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My Hearts Bouquet
My Hearts Bouquet The Chapmans Capo #3

Intro: G

     G                      D
You gave to me a rose and I accepted
An emblem of a love I thought was true
But now the beauty of the rose is fading
And like our love its life is nearly through

        Em                           G
There’s nothing I can do to stop its dying
     Em                                          D
But still its records lingers, with each passing day
     G                           D
But even if its peddles now are withered
It’s still the sweetest flower, in my hearts bouquet

G  D  G    G  D  G

        G                               D
You’ll never know how much it hurts to see you
With your new lover standing by your side
My arms still ache to hold you once again dear
My heart just won’t admit our love has died

    Em                              G
And maybe like a rose I’ll live in sadness
  Em                            D
Until at last I reach my dying day
    G                       D
But even if someday I wed another
You’re still the sweetest flower in my hearts bouquet
But even if I find another, you’re still the sweetest flower 
                  G      D  G         
in my hearts bouquet
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