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Buses And Trains Chords
Title: Buses And Trains
Artist: Bachelor Girl
Album: Waiting For The Day

     D       A               G
g------2-------2------2--------0-----0-----0-----0----|	   x4

Chorus: G  A Dmaj7 G
	G  A Dmaj7 G
	G  A Dmaj7 G
	Em A Dmaj7 G

Bridge: Bm E x7
	G  A

3rd Verse: verse riff x3
	   Em A G A

Play Verse
     3rd Verse
     Chorus x3

Lyrics: Hey Mom
	Why didn't you tell me
	Why didn't you teach me a thing or two
	You just let me go
	Out into the world
	You never thought to share what you knew

	So I walked under a bus
	I got hit by a train
	Keep falling in love
	Which is kinda the same
	I've sunk out at sea
	Crashed my car gone insane
	And it felt so good
	I wanna do it again

	Hey mom
	Why didn't you warn me
	Cos about boys was something I should have known
	They're like chocolate cake
	Like cigarettes
	I know they're bad for me
	But I just can't leave 'em alone


	I wanna do it again
	I wanna do it again
	Oh felt so good
	Yeah yeah yeah

	Hey mom
	Since we're talking
	What was it like when you were young
	Has the world changed
	Or is it still the same
	A man can kill and still be the sweetest fun

	Chorus x3

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About the artist behind Buses And Trains Chords:

Bachelor Girl was an Australian pop band, formed in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in 1992 that consists of singer Tania Doko and writer/instrumentalist James Roche. Their debut single, "Buses and Trains", was an international hit, but subsequent releases have only impacted Australian charts.

The band formed in 1992 when songwriter and record producer James Roche met vocalist Tania Doko.[1] Roche was creating a demo tape of a song he wrote for and Australian girl group, Girlfriend, and when his original singer canceled, he recruited Doko. The duo began writing and recording and started and put together a demo CD and performed several Melbourne showcases looking for a record deal and found a deal with Gotham Records in 1997, after Sony rejected them.[1]

The band split in 2003 after the release of their second album proved less than successful. Tania is now trying to resurrect her career with her new band She Said Yes whilst James has gone into music production.

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